Sea Gypsy


The Myanmar Sea Gypsies (Salone) nomads still hold on their own beliefs. Ma Kyone Galet Salone Village is located on Bo Cho Island between 10.40-N and 98.16 E. Salon Festival is held at this village every year. The only human inhabitants in the area are sea gypsies, namely Salon in Myanmar.  The earliest inhabitants of Myanmar recorded history were Pyu, Mon, Myanmar and Thet. It is said that Sea Gypsies were descended from Thet. They live on boats during dry season and remain on land during rainy season. They still practice the same fishing and boat building techniques used for generation. In the present times some salon inhabitants dwell peacefully on this island permanently with other people.

They worship two spirit gods the good and the evil. Shamanism is the central element during the spirit ceremony. The devotional offerings, at the ceremony, include pop corns, wild boar, alcoholic drinks, honey, betel and flesh and blood of ducks, chickens and turtles. They used to sing at the ceremony. The talents of the Salone are very remarkable that they could sing songs at hand to the scenes, happenings and fact they see. One of the last their musical instruments is a drum made from monitor lizard skin. Nowadays they play the modern studio music song, folk singing in traditional Salone Festival.

The rites and rituals at the festival were done by the shaman, who involved not only at the ceremony but also during illness or at death. A few decades ago the Salone do not bury the corpse, instead they left on a scaffold stand and all the people of the village move to another island.

Annual Ritual & Ceremony of the Myanmar Sea Gypsies (Salone) is usually held during the month of February (the Full Moon Day of Dabotdwe in Myanmar Calendar).

The Salone nomads do not easily mix with other people. They do not participate in economic, social or even cultural development of the country they live in their society has different cultural values from those offered by modern society. They are locked in the value system that they believe to be their own.

Andaman Resort Vs Andaman Clubf


Andaman Resort Vs Andaman ClubMyanmar Andaman Resort and Myanmar Andaman Club names are very confusing to our clients. Once the client looked for an island hotel to stay in a basic accommodation and to enjoy jungle life. She has seen this beautiful resort with thatch roofs on a crescent shaped beach on a remote island in Mergui Archipelago. She has also seen live-aboard boat - Mergui Princess and she wanted to go to that pristine island with a nice chartered boat. However, due to the mixed-up, she ended up in a shiny, concrete casino hotel and started complaining to the agent.

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Black Rock Island

Black Rock is a natural magnet for marine life. The small, steep limestone island's underwater terrain consists of sloping reef on the north and east sides, while the south and west sides are mostly walls, dropping vertically from the surface to around 27m. From there the slope is more gradual, stepping down to 45m or more.

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Burma Banks

Burma banksFor offshore of the Mergui Archipelago lies a series of submerged mountaintops collectively known as the Burma Banks. Surrounded by open sea in all directions, these remote, widely separated reefs were not accurately plotted on nautical charts until they were extensively dived in the early 1990s. After a series of exploratory trips by several Phuket-based live-aboards, five banks were located. Other boats followed almost immediately, and the Burma Banks quickly became a popular dive destination.

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Fan Forest Pinnacle

Fan Forest Pinnacle, like Western Rocky, has been off-limits to dive boats for "security reasons" since late 1998. The authorities have not indicated wheIri this restriction may be lifted. Just 10km north of Western Rocky, this large limestone pinnacle rises from more than 45m deep to within Sm of the surface. Accordingly, it offers a good multilevd profile, although the shallowest portions are rather barren.Perhaps the site's most_triking feature is a tremendous number of huge, undamaged orange fan corals, most of which are below 30m. Blue-ringed angelfish, lionfish and coral trout are among the most common reef fish, in addition to mid water species like jacks, barracuda and batfish. You'll also have a good possibility of encountering big animals like leopard, grey reef and white tip reef sharks, mantas and eagle rays.

Great Swintons Island

The Kyun Philar is known as Great Swintons Island of Myanmar (Burma) in the western countries and it is situated 50 nautical miles (North West) of Kawthaung (Victoria Point). The beaches on the Philar are un-inhabitant, with very white clean sands. It is very close to a lot of the famous scuba diving sites and snorkeling sites. The famous dive sites are Shark Cave, South Twin, North Twin, Cavern Island (Hlaing Gu Island), Steward Island and McCarthy Island. These dive sites are the world class dive sites and will give out of this world scuba diving experience to tourist.

The Kyun Philar has many birds, animals, fishes and marine mammals including monkeys, turtles, shark and dolphins. Tourist could visit to the bird nets island and could watch the local collectors.

Elegant Myanmar Co.,Ltd and its affiliates will form a company to devel- op the Kyun Philar Island called Philar Dive Resort Company Limited Elegant Myanmar Co.,Ltd will develop a Scuba Diving Resort called Philar Dive Resort on the Kyun Philar for the tourists who want to do scuba diving, sea kayaking, snorkeling, sport fishing and sailing tours around Kyun Philar and Lord Laughrou- gh Island. The total area of the PDR is 50 acres and this large area will be suitable for high-class tourists who desire to have privacy. The Salone people are traveling near the Kyun Pailar so that tourist could meet them and have a chance to see their unique design boats. The Salones are known as Sea Gypsies in the western countries and as Mokens in Thailand and & is operating SCUBA Diving Tours and Sea Kayaking Tours to Kyun Philar between October 1 to April 30. Tourist could come to Kyun Philar from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) or Ranong, Thailand via Kawthaung (Victoria Point).

Hlaing Gu Island

Hlaing Gu Island (Cavern Island) is located on between 10.18.5N and 97.59.00E. Cavern Island is aptly named as several large caverns or caves on the water line lay on the southern end of the island. Indeed one of which is large enough for a small vessel to get through. Waterfalls can be found the western part of the beach. There is a way to climb the top of island, so many islands and lovely scenes will be seen from it. The wild animals such water snakes can be seen on it. There is a fresh water stream ashore. This stream is used by the local fisherman and Mokens (Sea Gypsies) to replenish their fresh water supplies.

Location : 10.18.5N and 97.59.00E
Conditions : Visibility varies from 10m to 30m (33-100ft). Current ranges from zero to very strong. This area has rough and big waves.
Average depth : 18m (60ft)
Maximum depth : 30m (100ft)

Horse Shoe Island

Horse Shoe Island is included in the Salone Islands Group and the visitors can go for the day trips. Horse Shoe is also know as Myin Khwar Island locally. The visitors could enjoy the lime stone rock, cave, corals, fishes, lagoon, beaches, forest, and birds around the Horse Shoe Island.

Lampi Island

Lampi Island is the most popular island for the tourists in Mergui Archipelago. It is famous for its rich of many wild animals, Mangrove Rivers, birds, clean water and Coral Reefs and moreover virgin forest are growing. On this island reserve a National Marine Botanical Garden. It will take three days in Lampi to see in detail. There are nine different parts in it. The southern part of the island is good for fishing

Mangroves in Lampi Island

Mangrove swamps protect coastal areas from erosion, storm surge (especially during hurricanes). The mangroves' massive root systems are efficient at dissipating wave energy. They slow down tidal water enough so its sediment is deposited as the tide comes in, leaving all except fine particles when the tide ebbs.


  Four Kayaks are being brought to 254 Creek by Dinghy


 254 Beach in Lampi Island

Taking a rest after kayaking trip onthe 254 beach.


Kayaking among mangroves in Lampi Island


Sea Urchin

Sea urchins are commonly found along the rocky ocean floor in both shallow and deeper water and sea urchins are also commonly found inhabiting coral reefs.


 Lampi Marine National Park Projects :

Thuye Kaung Kyun-su

Thuye Kaung Kyun_su is aptly intended on a group of islets tagged with the names of Myanmar ancient heroes. This area consist of Nga Htway Rue, Nyaung Oo Phee, Nge Lon lett Phei, Nga Khin Nyo Island and other small islets. This big area is well known as one of the best places for scuba diving, due to its depth of 20 to 50 Meters and clear water.

Shark Cave Island

Another of the top Mergui Archipelago diving sites, Shark Cave is known for its resident docile nurse sharks. The ragged cave entrance is on the North West corner of the islet, and is 5-16 meters deep. Often found guarding the entrance are several grey reef sharks, long- fin trevally and silver sweet lips. On the far side of the bowl a tunnel leads to the other side of the island and a beautiful hard coral reef.

Salone Island

The Salone Island will be the Tourist Port/Marina for motorized yachts so that the tourist could come in directly to the Salone Island without any hassle, not only from Thailand but also, from any other countries by sea. and its affiliates plans to form a corporation to develop the Salone to be called the Salone Marina and Resort Company Limited "SMR".

SMR will arrange Visas-on-Arrival, Trip Permissions, etc. to visit to Myeik(Mergui) Archipelago for all tourists within a short period time. The tourists could buy various kinds of consumable products and spare parts for the yachts on the Salone at Prime World Duty Free Shop while Myanmar(Burma) Immigration Officers process the Visas-on-Arrival.

The tourist Port/Marina on the Salone will be built on the southern beach (Latitude North 9 59.25' and Longitude East 98 29.00') and the site will be 3 nautical miles from Kawthaung (Victoria Point) of Myanmar (Burma) and 4 nautical miles from Ranong, Thailand by sea. The Salone is only 120 nautical miles away from Phuket, Thailand. SMR is also planning to launch a ferry-boat service between Salone - Ranong - Kawthaung.

SMR will also develop a resort called Salone Resort on the Salone for the convenient of the tourists who stay on board for a long time. The resort will be developed on the large area (100 acres) so that every tourist could enjoy privacy at the resort. The tourists could spend their time on the white sand beach and its sea-side restaurant. The tourists also could do camping, Sea Kayaking, sport fishing and snorkeling around the Salone. is operating the Camping Tours, Sea Kayaking Tours and Scuba Diving Tours from the Salone Island to Lampi Island and Kyunk Philar during open season (November 1 to April 30).

North Twin Plateau

This expansive site consists of dozens of large, widely scattered granite boulders resting on a rocky plateau at 24 to 30m. This plateau is in turn surrounded by a gradually sloping sandy bottom, resulting in topography reminiscent of the western Similan Islands. Marine life is healthy and abundant, yet tends to be scattered over a fairly large area. Therefore, a good strategy is to start at the deeper edges and work inward, making an effort to cover some distance rather than linger at anyone place. You'll have a better chance of encountering the leopard and whitetip reef sharks that inhabit the reef's outer perimeter, while taking in more scenery.

Many of the deeper areas are populated with dense forests of orange fan corals, and soft corals sprout from rocky

Location: : 1.9km (1 nautical mile) northwest of North Twin Island
Depth Range: : 15-40m+ (50-130ft+)
Access: : Live-aboard
Expertise Rating: : Intermediate

crevices at moderate depths. Surrounded as it is by open water, this site attracts a wide range of mid-water predators, including rainbow runners, bonitos, queenfish and lots of pickhandle and great barracuda. Sandbar sharks-easily distinguished from other species by their tall dorsal fins-have reportedly been seen here.

North Twin Island

Although this island has several diveable areas, the best site is Western Ridge. A shallow rock pinnacle lies about Sm below the surface several hundred meters west of the island's south tip. From there, a long rocky ridge slopes gradually to the west, eventually reaching 36m or more.
Diving is best on the north side of the ridge, where typical scenery consists of

Location    : 124km (67 nautical miles) northwest of Kawthaung
Depth Range    : 5-36m (16-118ft)
Access    : Live-aboard
Expertise Rating    : Intermediate

large sea fans, small but colorful soft corals and a variety of hard corals, all attached to the rocky substrate. Though the south side appears rather barren compared with the north, fish life often includes schooling fish such as queenfish and rainbow runners, as well as reef species like jeweled and giant moray eels, blue-ringed angelfish, goatfish and many others. Around the deeper edges there is a chance of bigger animals, with occasional sightings of whitetip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and tawny nurse sharks. Even bull sharks have been seen here.

Myauk Ni Island

Myauk Ni Island is included in the Salone Islands Group and the visitors can go for the day trips. Myauk Ni Island is known as Red Monkey Island among the foreign visitors. The visitors could enjoy the white sand beaches, corals, fishes, forest and birds around the Myauk Ni. Visitors could meet with Salone (Sea Gypsies) around the Island. Salone live on their boat ("Kabang") to collect shell, fish and various marine animals around the Red Monkey Island.

Mergui Princess Cruise1


Mergui Princess Cruise (1) is newly live aboard which can be accommodated maximum 6 passengers. All cabins onboard are air-conditioned and offering great sea view. She has one queen size bed and one bunk bed room with en suite bathroom are on the main deck and one twin bed room without en suite bathroom is on the upper deck.


Mergui Princess Cruise

Mergui Princess Cruise 1

Mergui Princess is a fast and comfortable liveaboard with 3 air-conditioned master bed rooms with bathroom attached, 2 air-conditioned king size bed rooms, 3 air-conditioned twin bunk bed rooms which can accommodate 16 clients and 5 crew members. It is 80 feet long.


MV Dawei Princess


Dawei Princess is specially built for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking and sport fishing adventure trip basing Dawei City. She is equipped with dive platform, dining area, sun deck, 20 seats in air conditional hall, toilet and shower. The crews are fantastic, always doing their best to make you feel safe and comfortable.


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5 Days - 4 Nights 

Kawthaung, 115 Island, Nyaung Wee Island, Myauk Ni Island, Ranong for Shopping

Feel sand, sun and sea and enjoy shopping.


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Salone Boat

Myanmar Andaman Resort is located on Fork (Macleod) Island in Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago, Southern part of Myanmar (Burma) at Latitude 10 10' and Longitude 97 58' and 40 nautical miles from Kawthaung (Victoria Point) and Ranong, Thailand and 160 nautical miles from Myeik (Mergui). Myanmar Andaman Resort is designed to meet the requirements of those who love to enjoy sun, sand, sea and nature on the beach / island and as well as to take part in activities of Marine Eco Tourism.

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SY Wanderlust


51' Wooden Ketch Rigged Trimaran professionally built and maintained. Eight passengers in 2 double and 2 single cabins.



Sea Horse

sea-horse-1 photo

The Sea Horse provides all the comfort divers may need. Guests will find comfortable accommodation 4 air conditioned private double berth cabins.

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SY Meta IV

Meta 4 copy.jpg

Our flagship Meta IV was designed by the naval architect Thomas E. Colvin, who gave the vessel her beautiful shape and robust hull.

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Dive Sites - Myanmar (Burma)

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The Mergui Archipelago and the remote Burmese Banks are today the "must" for every serious sea lover. Myanmar opened its rich waters to foreigners in 1997, after a closed period of over 50 years.

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Diving Information

Myanmar(Burma) is home to a vast number of islands, coral reefs and banks, all of which lie to the north and west of Thailand. Because of the distance to Myanmar's most popular dive areas-the Mergui Archipelago and the Burma Banks-dive excursions are limited to live-aboards based out of Phuket, Thailand, and Kawthaung, Myanmar(Burma).

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SY Raja Laut


The Raja Laut is a magnificent gaff-topsail schooner built in the tradition of the 19th century Baltic traders. The 100 ft hull is entirely built of iron wood.

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Diving Trip One

diving 11 copy

Trip M1 (USD 1071)
 Mergui Archipelago, Twin Island & Shark Cave
  6Days/ 5 Nights (18 Dives)

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Diving Trip Two

Diving Trip Two

Trip M2 (USD 1230)
(North Mergui Archipelago, Black Rock)
7 Days/ 6 Nights (22 Dives)

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Namjai Sport Fishing Boat

Namjai 1

Sport fishing Boat around Burma Bank

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Sea World - 1


Providing all the comfort divers need. All accommodation onboard is air-conditioned and located on the main deck, offering great seaviews.

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Sea World is brand new wooden boat, is build in 2007. We carefully designed for all purpose of liveaboard safari,

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